The One

A service that enables people to create their own space decoration style and help them find the related high-quality furniture.

We built the startup based on Lean startup business model, also learning detailed skills such as market assessment, customer psychology, business models, rapid iteration. Finally built an MVP product.
When we shop in a small town, we see a lot of delicate furniture stores. However, there is not much advertising, so not many people can find them. At the same time, many people want a unique style for their new home rather than a home decoration that follows others’ pattern. We want to design a platform that connects the buyer and furniture maker/store. In order to help people find high-quality furniture and enable them to become masters of their own style.
Key Skills
Formulating Business Concept, UI & UX Design, App Prototyping, and Design Research
Project Length
One Semester
Damon, Yang, Melissa, Ben
Keynote, Sketch, Principle,  Illustrator


I don't know interior design at all, it takes lots of work to discover the styles I want.

Your home represents you.

"I don't want to just use an interior template to my room, I wish my room can show my own style with unique collections."

--- Vivian

Finding that perfect piece takes time…

People want to experience new styles and build their own personal collection of furniture, but don’t always know where to go.



By following the lean startup business model we validated and pivoted the direction four times based on customer's feedback. 

In the beginning, one of the important features we have was Brand-story, but during the test, we found customers don't really care about it.  THen we choose to add this feature in our next version. Another feedback from experts was we had too many functions and the target audience is too broad. As a start-up at, we want to keep our product flexible. Then, we did more research and narrow down our concept to furniture platform, changed the target audience to local high-quality furniture store ower. We found this area doesn't have many competitors. Also, we were all very interested in furniture retails.


We were eager to design a service that will help people decorate their house.  We interviewed 20 people about how do they find decoration ideas and furniture. Through this process, we learned people's pain points and desire.


How might we enable people to create their own decoration style and help them find the related high-quality furniture?  

Our Service

  • We connect you with furniture makers and give you access to their pieces that can be shipped right to your home. 

  • Buyers can discover styles they like and browse unique furniture pieces.

  • Help sellers find potential customers and provide their contact information so hopefully, more people will visit the store in person.

Furniture Maker


The one Mobile Phone App Design

You will know how the furniture looks through AR view, along with their sizes, eliminating the need for measurements.

If you like the style of this furniture, you can go to the online store to see more.

Create your own interior style. The system will recommend furniture according to your style. 

According to the selected furniture, you can see the similar product, and furniture you can buy together. 

For furniture makers/sellers, we provide a platform to help them build their own store in this application. 


  • We designed the landing page and tracked the page views and regestration users.

  • Finally calculated at the beginning period, our company will need $350000 from the investor.


  • Predicted company's costs and burn rate, also made revenue model accordingly.

  • For market opportunity, we have separately performed initial, next step and final stage valuations of the company.

The Business Model

What I learned

  • We learn things from failures. We did many validations for our rough prototypes and redesigned 4 times according to user feedback. Eventually, we find the right direction and designed a great product. After this project, I am not afraid of changing the previous design anymore, because every time we change, we move closer to the right direction. 

  • Learned how to design product in the real world.

  • Also, I learned a lot about the business model, and how to get found with a pitch presentation.

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