Hi, I am MOMO

Voice control house security system that can protect you and your home

With the voice control, machine learning, free video cloud recording, instant alerts, and other smart features, the MOMO smart house security system lets you monitor your home when you are in or away from it. 

   MOMO Indoor

  • Sound detection

  • Local Backup Storage

  • Voice control

    MOMO Outdoor​​

  • Motion Detection

  • Record both video and audio

  • Facial recognition

  • Control the smart locker

  • Voice control

 Smart Locker  

August Smart Lock Pro​​

Controlled by MOMO Outdoor


  • The voice control operating system for all MOMO devices

  • Teach MOMO to adapt to your habits and life

Motion detecting

MOMO Includes a motion-activated camera on the outdoor device; When MOMO detects any unusual activity, it will trigger the recording and send a small video clip to your phone.

Recognise people around you

MOMO can learn your friend's, family's or neighbor's visual information, so it can react differently with different people.


Detect Unusual indoor sound

After the security model turns on, MOMO Indoor device will detect an unusual sound, and send a notification to your phone after it confirms.

  • Fire alarm

  • Crying

  • Glass broke

  • Gunshot

Privacy Control

The indoor camera is hiden all the time, and it turns on only when you activate it from your phone.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

​With unlimited cloud storage, 

Lock and unlock the door


With the Outdoor MOMO and smart locker, users can control the lock both with voice and the app.

Never miss a package


Get a notification when the postman is at the front door.



Alarm sounds whenever there is an unsuspicious activity.

Network Security


Protects the network from hackers and also controls active devices.