Food delivery from home to home.

Nowadays, from Uber to Airbnb, the sharing economy has become an indispensable lifestyle for most people, and it also creates new career opportunities like Uber drivers. However, people have always loved making and sharing food with others, so why don't we create a bridge to connect between people who love cooking & people who don't have time and resources to cook.
Homenom is a platform that allows people to sell and order homemade food just like restaurant delivery food. In addition, food safety is ensured through pre-inspection.
Concept Developing, UI/UX Design,  and Design Research
Key Skills
Four Weeks
Project Length
Sketch, Principle, Premier

"At times, dishes cooked by professional chefs in restaurants pale in comparison to my grandma’s home-made food. "

People are too busy to cook and wash dishes, but choose to order take-out more frequently, thereby gradually becoming obese and unhealthy. 

“I really like cooking, that’s entertainment for me. However my daughter is not at home, so it’s a waste to cook a hearty meal.”   

Neighbors exchange pleasantries every day, there are very few opportunities for them to get to know each other better and become friends. 

Home chef:
  • · People who love cooking
  • · People who only like to work at home(housewife, old people)
  • · People who don't have the resources to cook.
  • · People who always busy, don't have time to cook.
  • · People who want to eat specialty food which can't be found in regular restaurants.
Home chef
  • · People are good at cooking but they can't make money from it.
  • · Foods from the restaurant are unhealthy on a regular basis.
  • · Foods in the restaurant are more expensive because of all the rental and service fee (the largest cost associated with a restaurant is the space rental fee)
· A platform connects home chef and customer.
· Check the safety and background of home chef
· Hire people to pick up and deliver foods, or partner with companies Lyft.



Give people who love to cook the opportunity to share the delicious food they made at home, perhaps, you may one day make a career out of it.

Final Product
Key Screens
Home chef register page
Background and kitchen condition check
Upload food info
Home chef workflow
For people who want to cook at home

Onboarding & Background check

Training on the platform, and the requirement for the kitchen.

Call courier to pick up and deliver to customers

Check kitchen condition

Why people want to use Homenom

​​For Home chef

  • A new career for people who love cooking especially for the retiree and housewife.

For customer

  • Find authentic specialty food from different countries. 

  • Inspection system makes sure dishes are safe.

  • Without rental and all the facility and service fee the food price can be more affordable.

  • With more local food providers, it is easier to find food resources within walking distance

Design Process
Information Architecture 
Component Board
Enjoy a healthy and delicious homemade meal, maybe one day you can build a close-knit community through the delicious food you made or ordered. 

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